Kosmosia Rewards

Step 1:

Subscribe to Kosmosia

Get 250 Stars by subscribing

Step 2:

Membership Benefits

Input your birthday for a yearly exclusive birthday coupon.

Earn stars two times faster

Get exclusive discounts on your entire purchase

Reward Levels

Cloud Tier

Requirement: 500 stars

Reward: 250 stars when you reach this tier

Moon Tier

Requirement: 1250 stars

Reward: 1.5 times multiplier for all stars earned

Galaxy Tier

Requirement: 2500 stars

Reward: 2 times multiplier for all stars earned

How to Earn Stars

Step 3:

Earn 250 stars from creating an account and subscribing to our newsletter

Earn 100 stars from leaving us a review plus 50 bonus stars if you attach a photo

Earn 5 stars for every $1 you spend

Refer a friend

Get $10 off your order when a friend uses your referral code

Your friend gets $10 off their order on their first purchase

Disclaimer: minimum purchase of $20 before tax

How to Redeem

Step 4:

Redeem your stars anytime!

For every 1000 stars, take $10 off your entire purchase

Kosmosia Rewards are subject to change without prior notice

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Rewards Program are subject to change without prior notice.