Washi Tape Ideas

Dear Army,

For those of you who have been on the edge of their seats, waiting for us to release some washi tape — it’s here!

If you are unfamiliar with what washi is, here are some quick fun facts:

The word ‘washi’ refers to traditional Japanese paper. It is made from wood pulp, or alternatively, rice paper. This paper was used in various ways, such as household goods, toys, which can be placed intricately to add on to flower arrangements and even spun into yarn to weave into clothes.

To learn that there were so many unique ways to use this beautifully simple creation really exemplifies that everything is not just so, and everything can have more than one purpose.

That said, while we often see the primary use for washi tape is journaling, we would like to show you four fun ways to use washi tape outside of the realm of journaling:

1. Key décor –

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have always had a huge jumble of keys attached to my keyring (so many, that I don’t know what some of them are for). If you are a key-hoarder like me, this is a cute way to differentiate between which key opens your front door and which one opens the safe to your BTS merch:

    2. Laptop banner –

    Show your Army pride by displaying it across your monitor/laptop — It’s important to note that washi tape is very forgiving in the sense that you can easily peel it off and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue!

    3. Keycap wrap -

    Artisanal keycaps have become a great way to personalize your setup and express your individuality. Without breaking the bank, you can wrap a keycap with washi tape of your choice.

    Again, as mentioned earlier — washi tape is very easily removed! It does not leave the object sticky at all, so if you aren’t a fan of how it looks, you can just peel it off and your keycap and it will be smooth like butter

    And finally, actual tape! 
    With Christmas is just around the corner, washi tape is a cute way to impress your gift recipient with a delightful little lining. I know this holiday; I will definitely be accessorizing my gifts with our BTS inspired washi tape — looking forward to hearing my army friends squeal with happiness!

    I hope you guys enjoyed this! Which ones did you guys like or not like?

    Share your thoughts with us 😊

    With love,



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