How to Journal Creatively

How to Journal Creatively

Don’t know how to start a bullet journal? Looking for some motivation to enjoy journaling? Let’s take a brief look at what the art of bullet journaling is all about, and some useful stationery tools to match your journaling needs.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

Journaling in notebooks has been around for many years, but it has resurfaced as a relevant and popular trend, thanks to the bullet journal method introduced by designer Ryder Carroll. He developed the Rapid Logging organizational system that allows users to write down significant events, tasks and notes in a condensed and visually organized manner, by marking them with bullets and other symbols.

Users of this method have expressed how it helped them in many ways, such as coping with anxiety from overwhelming tasks, to being more attentive and organized, both in their personal and work life.

Why Is It So Popular?

After the original bullet journal method spread across the online community, users shared their own inspirational ideas for how they use a bullet journal to complement their lifestyle needs - generating unlimited possibilities to the art of journaling. Vision boards, future logs, budget planners, interactive mood and habit trackers, and brain dump spreads (literally writing down anything cluttering your mind, without a filter nor planning) are some of the creative additions shared amongst the supportive bullet journal community.

Thousands of unique spreads are shared every day on social media under the hashtags such as, #bujo and #planwithme, inspiring journal users to experiment with boundless creativity, and motivating those who have yet to try journaling, to have a go at it.

How Do I Start My Own Bullet Journal?

The original bullet journal method only acts as a guide; there is no right way nor rules you have to follow when starting your own bullet journal. So express yourself freely and let your creativity run wild! After all, you are the only artist and audience of your personal journal.

A blank journal and a pen is all you need to get started, but here are some complementary stationery items to boost the productivity as well as the enjoyment of journaling:

Stationery Companions

1. Pocket Inserts

Just like how dresses that come with pockets make women happy, so do pocket inserts in bullet journals!

Not all bullet journals have pocket inserts, but it is definitely a great feature to have, or look for when purchasing your next journal. The extra storage comes in handy when you have small objects like polaroid pictures, tickets, or mementos that you would like to include into your next bullet journal spread.

  • KOSMOSIA Pick:

    Moki Mini 3-Ring Binder Set

    This mini journal contains 70 pages of grid paper, and clear pockets on both sides of the cover for storage and all your Kpop journaling needs. Keep track of your favourite idol’s contents and express all the feels!!

    A cute BTS-inspired cover photo is already included, but feel free to decorate it to add your own style and personality. This mini journal also includes two clear pocket insert sheets, perfectly sized for polaroids and photocards. Not enough? Don’t worry, more can be found here!

2. Stickers & Sticky Notes

Do you ever get the feeling that a well-loved journal looks like a thick and colourful mess when closed, filled with nostalgic thoughts and memories? Stickers and sticky notes can be used as place markers to keep you organized, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Not only are they great at drawing visual attention to things you want to highlight, they also add layers of interaction to your journal.

  • KOSMOSIA Pick:

    Permission To Dance Outfit Moki Sticker Pack

    Capture the positive vibes and iconic outfits from the Permission To Dance era in your journal with this cute sticker pack! Talk about how cool the BTS members looked in the MV or how you looped this song on your playlist for days, or even how you danced around to this jam in your jammies. Mhm, great times!

3. Washi Tapes & Mildliners

If you’ve ever stepped into the stationery section at a Staples, or watched a #planwithme video online, you’ve probably taken a look at the colourful collection of washi tapes and Mildliner highlighters on display. Their aesthetic colours are not only useful at brightening your journal, but also great at structuring your spreads by organizing them into sections, or by highlighting important headers and ideas. Most importantly, washi tapes and Mildliners do not bleed onto the back of your pages, so let your creativity run free with these versatile stationery tools!

Look out! KOSMOSIA washi tape collection is coming soon to a screen near you!

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