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Washi Tape Ideas

Dear Army, For those of you who have been on the edge of their seats, waiting for us to release some washi tape — it’s here! If you are unfamiliar with what washi is, here are some quick fun facts: The word ‘washi’ refers to traditional Japanese paper. It is made from wood pulp, or alternatively, rice paper. This paper was used in various ways, such as household goods, toys, which can be placed intricately to add on to flower arrangements and even spun into yarn to weave into clothes. To learn that there were so many unique ways to use this beautifully simple creation really exemplifies that everything is not just so, and everything can have more than one purpose. That...

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Practice Self Care

Whether you are back to school, continuing your regular daily grind or diving into a brand-new job, it’s easy to get wrapped up in work or the craziness all around you – so much to the point where you are putting your own mental health in the back seat.

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How to Journal Creatively

Don’t know how to start a bullet journal? Kosmosia's got you covered on what the art of bullet journaling is all about, and some recommended stationery companions to complement your journaling needs.

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